December 21, 2020

Dato Sri Thomas Hah Tiing Siu & Joinland Group Optimistic About 2021

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Who is Dato Sri Thomas Hah Tiing Siu?

Thomas Hah Tiing Siu is the founder of the JoinLand Group in Malaysia in 1990. He started his entrepreneurship journey in the business of Cold Storage for the last 25 years. Now, Thomas Hah has emerged as the leading pioneer in importing and distributing of International Cold Storage products in East Malaysia.

Dato Sri Thomas Hah Tiing Siu was conferred its “Dato’ Sri” title by Sri Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang (SSAP) by His Royal Highness Sultan Hj Ahmad Al-Musta’ in Billah Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mu’adzam Shah, Sultan of Pahang in conjunction with His Royal Highness’ 82nd Birthday.

Leveraging on his excellent business acumen, Dato Sri Thomas has recently invited to be part of the Board of Directors in China Assurance Finance Group Ltd, a Public Listed company based in Hong Kong.


Joinland Group

The Joinland Group, which is headquartered in Miri, Sarawak, is involved in many different businesses including a major agroforestry project on the island of New Hanover in Papua New Guinea, Swiftlet Farming in Sarawak, real-estate management (including developments in Malaysia, Singapore and China) and substantial investments in seven other businesses in Malaysia, Singapore, China and New Zealand.

Over the years, JoinLand Group has achieved tremendous growth with a diversified business portfolio that covers different market segments namely in Cold Storage, Plantation, Real Estate and Medical & Retail Chain.

The Joinland Group, a diversified Malaysian conglomerate of varied business interests, is looking forward to the future with optimism, due to two new agricultural projects that are coming onstream in Sarawak over the course of the year.

Central New Hanover Project

Part of Joinland’s ongoing contributions to the economic and social development of Central New Hanover, Joinland has build 3 church buildings,3 pastor houses & 3 primary school double classroom buildings, three elementary school buildings, three aid posts and a community health worker’s house on the isolated, which results from the company’s licensed and regulated agro-forestry project on the island.

Since Joinland began operations on New Hanover, it has also built several clinics and recruited two doctors and four nurses.

These healthcare professionals primarily provide care to the 200 employees working for Joinland and also provide healthcare and medicines to local residents who require it free of charge.

Since the New Hanover Project began, Joinland Group has planted 2.5 million rubber trees, 560,000 cocoa trees and 54,000 coconut trees in order to create sustainable jobs and income for local residents and landowners both now and in the future.

Dato Sri Thomas Hah & Joinland Stay Optimistic about 2021

Just as it has done for businesses worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic did impact Joinland’s revenues and operations in 2020. The biggest impact was on the company’s Swiftlet Farming operations, with both a reduction in the price of edible bird nests (due to reduction of tourism and interstate transportation complications), as well as operational issues (travel restrictions) which limited oversight of the production houses.

Commenting on this Dato Sri Thomas Hah Tiing Siu, commented;

“We expect that things will gradually improve in 2021, although this may take a while. Many of the very severe restrictions that were imposed with the first Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia has gradually eased, which has helped, but we will continue to face challenges in 2021, particularly in the Swiftlet Farming element of our business due to the low-price of edible bird nests, labour supply issues and increased operational costs due to higher transportation charges. This is why we are delighted to have got our new agricultural projects underway.”

In concluding, Dato Sri Thomas, said;

“Despite the unpredictable nature of life at the moment, I am confident that Joinland Group is well-positioned to ride out any further turbulence thanks to the wide ranging and diverse nature of our business. We are excited about what the future holds and are looking forward to growing the business further during 2021.”

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